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Complete extract

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 5. Sep 2018, 11:00
von XavierS
Hello all,
1st, I would like to apologize as I am not able to speak german to ask my request, and i am not even sure if i am in the right section.

We use to have Selectline for our German branch, using version 16.3.6 Build 137995
I've gained access to the software after reseting the sa password since the old Windows authentication was not working anymore (the server has been integrated to another Domain)
I can connect properly to the software using the sa account, i can see data, so i assume i am ok with full access.

Now :I need to extract everything and store it, as we need to give this to the accounting dpt for an audit.

i believe that all the pdf for "Rechnung" and "Gutschrift" are stored in the database and not directly on files.
Now, how can i extract all pdf/data into something intellegible and usuable by my accounting dpt ?

Many thanks for your help,
Best Regards,